Flagler County Sheriff’s Office therapy dog brings comfort

Goose rides into the comfort zone.

Goose is a French Bulldog fly and the new therapy dog ​​for the Flagler County’s Sheriff’s Office.

How did the puppy get the name goose?

“‘Top Gun’, that’s how it got the name,” said Detective Fiona Ebrill. “He’s my little wingman.”

In the 1986 film “Top Gun”, Anthony Edwards Goose, partner of Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, played in a US Navy F-14 Tomcat as they fought Russian MiGs.

Ebrill’s partner has a completely different task. Goose offers comfort to victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Its owner, Ebrill, is a domestic violence detective.

“He’s only there to provide a bit of emotional support for anyone who most likely had the worst day of their life,” said Ebrill.

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Goose, a therapy dog, stars alongside Detective Fiona Ebrill, the Flagler County Sheriff, during an interview about Goose's role at the FCSO on Wednesday May 26, 2021 at the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center.

She said that when she has to interview domestic violence victims, Goose helps calm them down.

“It’s a different form of advocacy for victims. The emotional support it offers makes every day more beautiful, ”says Ebrill.

According to spokeswoman Laura Williams, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office has no therapy dog ​​among its 15 or more K-9s with different specialties.

Goose joins another therapy dog, a border collie named Dottie, who belongs to another detective and who previously worked for the Flagler County sheriff’s office.

Goose uniform is a vest with messages that invite people to approach. “I am friendly, please caress me,” reads one. Another says “therapy dog”. An aviator-like spot is decorated with his name.

There is a QR code on the side of the vest. If you focus your phone’s camera on the code, you will be connected to the song “Danger Zone” from “Top Gun”.

And Goose is social media savvy. He’s on Instagram: @Goose_Caboose_Frenchie.

Sheri Gopie, Executive Assistant to Sheriff Staly, meets therapy dog ​​Goose on Wednesday May 26, 2021 at the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center.

Goose also helps calm kids down when they have difficult things to talk about, Ebrill said.

Goose is also a bit of an occupational therapist in the sheriff’s office.

“He also offers a lot of therapy to everyone in the workplace,” Ebrill said. “He just comes around and visits a lot of people.”

Goose was a rescue dog from a Volusia County hoarding case in which several dogs were confiscated. He was born on February 1 and Ebrill has had him since he was eight. The sheriff’s office takes care of the goose shots and the veterinary care, Ebrill takes care of the rest.

Therapy dog ​​training involves basic obedience, but primarily focuses on making sure the dog is friendly, good, and not aggressive.

As soon as he turned a year old, Goose was ready to get his wings as a therapy dog. His first test was walking around Lowes and being petted by people. His next two tests were at AdventHealth Palm Coast visiting patients.

“Anyone who sees him. You hear them all get excited. You want to talk to him. You want to stroke him, ”said Ebrill. “You pretty much can’t walk down a hall without someone wanting to stop and say ‘hello’ to them.”

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